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Eye Tests

Regular Eye Tests

Your eye health is really important to us. That is why we offer comprehensive eye-tests to every customer who visits us. Healthy, well looked after eyes can make a massive difference to your well-being. Utilizing cutting edge eye examination technology, we can evaluate your vision, and offer you ways to keep your eyesight strong and problem-free.

At ZO&MO, you have easy access to highly qualified optometrists and ophthalmologists based at Thumbay hospitals, who are experts in conducting eye tests ranging from vision screenings to complete eye exams. These professionals use sophisticated electronic equipment and undergo periodic retraining.

Timing of Eye Test in our Outlets 

Timing of Eye Test in our strategic partners

Police / Traffic Department Eye Test

If you are not looking for comprehensive eye tests, but a governmental mandated eye test, we offer convenience by offering MOI eye tests at our stores, ensuring a quick hassle-free experience. Visit us today or book an appointment.

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